Clean art blends with holder-royalty technology to form Demi Gods Universe, a one-of-its-kind NFT Collection seeking to redefine the future of comic books in the metaverse

Demi Gods Universe

Demi Gods Universe is a multiverse collective of outcast Demigods who, out of necessity, have hidden themselves amongst mankind. Stemming from a terrible war predating the first eon modern of humanity, these powerful individuals have come back to settle the score once and for all.

Enter an unimaginable realm and follow 19 year old Tabuto's journey as he attempts to defeat evil Kronos. Holders of a Demi God receive royalties on all future comic launches from our realm

Mint a Demi God
10,000 of 10,000 available
0.15 ETH per Demi God

The four

The Demi Gods universe is comprised of four clans, all united under one common mission: defeating the dark energy of Kronos. Meet & learn about each heroic faction in the cards below.

Freedom Fighters

These individuals stand for honor and legacy, willing to sacrifice themselves for the survival of freedom and personal autonomy. Freedom fighters are the brave souls at the front of every battle charge, and have elevated levels of courage and tactical wearwithal.


Authoritarians are the most temperamental of the four Demi Gods bloodlines. What they lack in self control is made up for in their rage, which comes in handy amidst the heat of intense battle. These individuals are rather protective of their own kind, determined to fight evil wherever it is encountered


Disciples comprise the majority of Demi Gods within our universe, and are the strongest supporters of the freedom fighters. Disciples have elevated levels of honesty, inspiration, and conviction, allowing them to support the other three factions of Demi Gods where it matters most.



Descendants of the ancient Demi Gods who roamed the earth predating the terrible war of the first eon. Descendants have within them an elevated sense of wisdom and wit, useful in situations where more brains may be needed than strength.


Phase 1

(Q4 2021): The Day of Reckoning, this is the day the Demi Gods will mint and be sorted into a faction by the universe. The Official Demi Gods Universe Public Sale will launch on this day, and everyone who mints will receive exclusive access in the Discord and will begin receiving benefits from the universe.

Phase 2

(Q4 2021): Once all Demi Gods have been given their path by the universe, and are sorted into their factions, each faction will be airdropped a secret weapon. The secret weapon will be used as a voting mechanism in our Demi Gods Universe DAO and Demi Gods will be able to use them in the eternal war. Secret weapons let Demi Gods choose how they want to fight in the eternal war.

Phase 3

(Q1 2022): The Demi Gods Universe first comic collection will release. Holders of Demi Gods will be receiving massive benefits from the Comics. Holders of Demi Gods will receive 30% of sales collected from our exclusive Demi Gods comic book. Traits that are used in the comic books receive an additional 40% of sales on top of the 30% given to holders. This 40% is contingent upon characters, traits and faction in each comic series. Additionally, if you are a one of one holders, you will receive a total of 5% of comic book mint which is $150,000 every quarter to each one out of one holder. 

Phase 4

(Q2 2022): The Demi Gods Universe will be collaborating with another NFT that we will feature in our comic book. This will allow new Demi Gods joining the universe, and we will be able to provide more utility by collaborating. Holders will receive the same benefits as before, and the Demi Gods Universe commanders will make sure the collaboration is strategic to ensure maximum value for the Universe and its holders.

Phase 5

(Q3 2022): The Demi Gods Universe meets paper! We will be working with the best publishing agencies as well as the best comic book artists on our hard copy comic book launch Holders will receive 5% of worldwide comic book sales and will be invited to our official launch party!


What is the smart contact address?

We will be releasing information regarding the smart contract address of Demi Gods Universe shortly. Stay up to date by joining our discord.

When will the comic book release?

The Demi Gods Universe comic books will be releasing in early-mid 2022, providing holders with royalties while growing the brand recognition and reputation of our project both inside and outside of the metaverse.

How much are demi gods?

The Demi Gods public mint price is 0.15 ETH. Presale and whitelist prices are 0.07 ETH and 0.1 ETH respective of tier.

How Many Demi God NFTs are there?

There are 10,000 Demi Gods total in the collection, broken down more specifically into four clans of 2,500.

How Are royalties payed out?

Comics will be released once every quarter. 50% of all comics sales will go back to holders. Distribution of the 50% will be contingent on the characters used in each comic series and their traits.

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